Aspergers Syndrome is Awe-tism!
and you're the parent who makes that happen

Look at all those awesome people who may have had Aspergers Syndrome!

Thomas Jefferson, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Emily Dickinson, Hans Christian Andersen, Michelangelo, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein...

Now consider the men and women who raised them:

Parents of Famous People with Aspergers

Peter and Jane Jefferson,
Wladyslaw and Bronislawa Sklodowski (Madam Curie's parents),
James and Margery Ayscough (Newton's grandparents) and Hannah (Ayscough Newton) Smith,
Edward and Emily (Norcross) Dickinson,
Hans and Anne Marie Andersen,
Ludovico di Leonardo di Buonarotto Simoni and Francesca di Neri del Miniato di Siena (who died when Michelangelo was 6),
Milutin and Duka Tesla,
Hermann and Pauline Einstein

Consider yourself among poor and rich, broken and whole, widowed and remarried parents, single parents, and grandparents of the past who brought up men and women who later became famous... and who happened to have had Aspergers Syndrome.

Aspergers Syndrome (aka Autism Level 1) & ADHD in Our Home

When we first found out our son has Aspergers, we were overwhelmed and yet somehow I was relieved to know what was going on.

It was harder for my husband, though. What is the deal with guys and guilt? Like my husband could've done anything differently to prevent our son from having this neurodevelopmental disorder? I don't think so.

You may be going through a grieving period right now, if you haven't already. Things are not turning out the way that you had dreamed.

We have another son who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. We find many similarities between the boys!

Aspergers is Awe-tism!

The possibilities are beautiful.

Aspergers does not have to mean that your son or daughter will be living in your basement when (s)he's 40! You can raise him--or her--to be very successful... not in spite of his diagnosis but because of it. Einstein was. Thomas Jefferson was. Marie Curie was.

I'm looking at the world very differently now than I was when our boy with Aspergers was 2. Now I can say, "It's not Autism; it's Awe-tism!"

But I couldn't say that when Trio Man was 2 or 4 or 6. (Trio Man is our nickname for him.) It's been a long journey--and there's more to come. And I don't feel that way all day every day.

But thinking of Aspergers as Awe-tism helps me to think positively, making it a little easier to be a positive parent at that moment.

Find What You Need on this Web Site

Explore all the links on the left side of this page to learn more about Aspergers and similar diagnoses (go to the Types of Autism page).

See how your child could be affected by the new changes to the American diagnoses in the DSM 5.

See if your child's behaviors are like Trio Man's. If not, add your own stories.

Laugh and cry as you explore Aspergers in TV and movies.

You can even share this site with your family and friends to help them understand why your child acts the way that he or she does.

Most importantly, feel at home and feel the support of others who have been where you are.


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Positive Parenting the Aspergers Way
Regain order in your house through positive parenting your child with Aspergers, Autism Level 1, or PDD-NOS. Use these parenting tips to change your child’s behavior.
Bullying and Aspergers Syndrome
Bullying is particularly problematic for kids with Aspergers Syndrome because they don't recognize it. Teach anti-bullying techniques to Aspergers kids by providing many examples and being direct.
Types of Autism--Asperger's, High-Functioning Autism & the like
Find out what are the types of Autism--Aspergers, PDD-NOS, High-Functioning Autism, moderate Autism, and severe Autism.
Autism Aspergers--What's the Difference?
Autism Aspergers, Aspergers Autism, What's the difference?
High Functioning Autism and Aspergers
Check out the differences (or lack thereof) between High Functioning Autism and Aspergers.
Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified or PDD-NOS
PDD-NOS, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, has got to be one of the most confusing terms. Let's figure out why this term exists and what might happen with the proposed DSM 5.
DSM 5--The proposed manual for mental disorders
Discover how your child's Aspergers or PDD-NOS diagnosis may change with the proposed DSM 5. This page provides an analysis of the differences between the current DSM 4 and the proposed changes.
Asperger Syndrome Behavior
Asperger Syndrome behavior is varied yet many Aspies have similar behaviors.
Bed Jumping, Trampoline Jumping, and Inflatable Castles
If Bed Jumping were an Olympic event, kids on the Autism Spectrum would win gold, silver, and bronze!
Aspergers on TV and in Movies
Let's laugh and cry as we experience the emotions and quirkiness of fictional (and sometimes real!) Aspies on TV and in movies.
Famous People with Aspergers
Aspergers is awe-tism! Read about these famous people with Aspergers, and you'll think so, too.
Writers Block / Reluctant Writers & Aspergers
Writers block or reluctant writer? To help our kids with Aspergers who struggle to write, we'll have to remove barriers to writing.
Writing Process
Give your child "the big picture" of the writing process to help your struggling writer separate written expression from their need to "do it right" the first time.
Autism Speaks, an advocacy group for the whole spectrum not just Aspergers
Autism Speaks is a fundraising organization that supports biomedical research and raising awareness for the whole spectrum, not just Aspergers.
School Choice benefits kids with Aspergers
School choice and open enrollment allow more options for our kids and allow school districts to focus their training on Autism and Aspergers
Praying for Your Aspie
Praying for your child with Aspergers is a great way to enrich his or her life and to comfort yourself.
Special Needs Ministry
You may be able to find a special needs ministry that allows you to attend church with your child who has Aspergers Syndrome.
Bible Verses for Memorizing and Copying
Memorizing Bible verses is a great way to reduce anxiety of all kinds--social anxiety, performance anxiety. Teach your kids to recall verses right when they need them.
Devotions for the Aspergers Syndrome Parent
Apply these devotions to your life in order to help you see the positives in parenting a child with Aspergers Syndrome.'s Moonwaxing
My copyright says "Cheryl Lynn / Moonwaxing." Read this page to find out more about me and to learn the story behind "Moonwaxing."
Contact Cheryl Lynn regarding Aspergers Syndrome Parent
Contact Cheryl at with questions, comments, and requests using this form.
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